Síntesis:  Renovarse o morir. Google ha decidido limpiar un poco su menú de búsqueda añadiendo un submenú al lado de la URL con tres opciones: Cahed, Similar and Shared. aparentemente desaparece la opción del Preview instantáneo. Lo peor de este cambio es que el nuevo submenú aparece en verde y es fácil no verlo.

Google has essentially cleaned up its search results page by shoving the three options into a menu. As before, the Cached option sends you to the cached page, the Similar option performs a new related search for you, and the Share option lets you do so on Google+ (assuming you are logged in).

Google has added a new drop-down menu to its search results page beside every URL with three options: Cached, Similar, and Share. At the same time, the company has apparently removed the Instant Preview option from Google search.

The addition may be a bit difficult to spot at first, because Google colors URLs as green and the little arrow beside them is also green, but the new menu is certainly there. Here’s how it looks like for a search for The Next Web:



Titular: Google toys with removing Instant Preview in Search, adds dropdown menu with Cached, Similar, Share options

Fuente: http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/04/25/google-toys-with-removing-instant-preview-in-search-adds-dropdown-menu-with-cached-similar-share-options/




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